Monday, January 4, 2010

I feel the need to record the latest moments of life, since I have felt heaven shake. Three have profoundly affected me, leaving me unpretentious to how God works and moves. I just returned from a trip with family to England. My prayer before leaving was that Jesus would be celebrated during our trip. Unexpectedly, we attended a Christmas service at Westminster Abbey.
A signed read, “Enter with reverence.” I wish that I saw this on every corner as a reminder that the curtain is torn and that God resides on earth, and he is to be revered.
We strolled up the aisles with a ceremonial gait, gazing up at the ribbed vaulting, rose windows, and flying buttresses. Deitrich Bonhoeffer, George Frederic Handel, Martin Luther King, William Wilberforce were some of the Men of God honored, their names ensued a sense of God’s movement and creativity.
Maroon velvet choir chairs were opened to the audience. I sat in a throne that rose 6 feet above me. The music began, with perfectly architecture acoustics. Hymns spread through the apses, climbed lavish marble columns, and splashed together in the highest Gothic vault in England (102 feet).
It hit me, that God, who seems hidden so often, is worshiped. He is worshiped in England. I had this same feeling when I was in Ghana two summers ago. When the boxes that I put God in explode, and he becomes the God of all Nations.
I praise God! I thank God that he is beautiful and creative and that He can even bring my family to silence before him.

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