Monday, January 4, 2010

Holy Ambition

Another story, I just returned from a Christmas conference in Minneapolis, geared for college students involved in campus crusade for Christ. Over 1,600 students attended from all around the Midwest. While there, God spoke a clear message to me. I share this with you too, whoever you are, because I feel that it is meant for more than my audience.
I meet with the National Intern Coordinator for Here’s Life on Thursday morning. She said that during her first year she was asked, “What do you dream about?”
Not in “dreaming” about giant asparagus that sways and sings, eat more veggies.
What do you wish for your life?
Many people responded, seeing a certain people group come to Christ, or spending a year in ministry, etc. The leader who asked the question said, “I dream about being 80 years old and loving the Lord.” My leader thought this was a stupid, of course everyone here wished that they loved God and that they would love God at 80.
Later she was convicted. Many people in there 20s are sold out for Christ, devoting years to ministry. But slowly they trade God for treasures of the world. She even reflected on her father, who now, at 80, has salvation but no living relationship with God. She challenged me, Lauren in your 20s now, seek God and build a foundation with him by seeking his word.
Three hours later, I received a phone call from an 80 year old woman in my church. She said that she wanted to be a prayer warrior for me and that she received a word from the Lord to share. She told me that my generation is in danger, because we have thought our own wisdom greater than the word of God. She said that while I am young I need to humbly run after God’s wisdom and learn from him. She wanted me to seriously read scripture and learn from the Lord.
Three hours later, John Piper stood before a group of 2,000 people and shared a message he received from God. He spoke on how my generation struggles to grow up; we have prolonged adulthood to our 30s. We are focused on our self, in transition, unstable, confused, melodramatic, and disappointed.
He shouted, “Grow Up!”
He challenged us to get a HOLY AMBITION. As Paul and Timothy. (Romans 15:18-24). We are called to holy ambitions and Christ doesn’t like waiting until we are 30.
To get a holy ambition we must immerse ourselves in the Bible.
God does not lead us into pointless ambition, but Holy Ambitions are always filled with love and meeting peoples needs.
So, as cheesy as I feel that it is to have a new years resolution, I can’t shrug off this word from God. It is good to reflect on the past year and see what standard and ambition we are being led to, I feel pulled to jump into God’s word, know it, study it, love it, seek the kingdom.

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