Saturday, January 30, 2010

Potato Chips

“Will God still love you if you sit all day long in your sweat pants eating potato chips on your couch?”

What a challenge to answer this, truthfully; the theological-thought answer, “Of course!” But do I really believe this, six inches lower, deep within my heart?
This question attacks your view of God and knowledge of His promises.
However, each being comes to understand God with different experiences, borrowed legacies, and preconceived thoughts. A person’s deepest, most basic and often hidden self-concept, thought patterns, decisions, and nuances of belief all shape our understanding of God. We answer the question what is God like and who we are, based on these childhood tendencies, family traditions, and innate behavior thoughts.

What are my rocks of understanding?

One big one is my thought pattern “If I am _______, they will love me.” This stems from a torn family by divorce. Childhood experiences with friends that wanted me to steal in order to hang out with them. Or memorize “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” before I could dance with them. Etc.

My view of God is this “If I am_______, HE will love me.”

When we put all our rocks together, we can clog the flow of truth. Who is God? How does He view me?
Sweetly, despite the many rocks, a filter is made, the character of God and his affection for you is always the same. That’s a crazy thought, regardless of my present or past circumstances GOD IS THE SAME.

I pray I get this.

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