Monday, January 4, 2010

Okay, last story….
With these 1,600 college students this past week, many of them new to the faith, we were able to partner with the local church to share boxes of food and invite them to a fellowship of friends. I went with the Key of Faith Church in North Minneapolis. Over 150 students filled the sanctuary and lifted praises to God, students from Eau Claire, Lacrosse, Grand Forks, joined with a congregation from North. They sang, How great is our God. The joining of nations gave me Goosebumps and a glimpse into how beautiful the praises to God will be in heaven when all nations bow together to God.
I stepped outside with a group from Grand Forks, two of the four students who had never gone out to share their faith before. It was amazing to witness one girl share for the very first time. She listened to the prayer request of an older gentlemen and asked him, what he wishes for in his life. He was struck by this girl from ND coming to give him a gift and ask him that question. Flushed and energized she spoke him the grace of God. I loved just being able to witness the conversation unfold. How Great is the God we serve that can bless each person in that room, an older man, a young believer, and a girl watching God move.

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