Monday, December 14, 2009


So, this post is a little nerdy. But it's a great testimony to how God even cares for our little worries.

I warmed in a dear friend's car last evening. We both sharing our cantankerous struggles as of late. The deep rooted problems that God has been teaching us for years and bringing into the light are burdens at times that we give to God and then take back again. This seems a perpetual cycle.

On occasion, these burdens are added to with annoying little worries that tip over the scale and and send me rolling into a disorienting darkness. I forget that my Lord is sovereign. I forget that I'm his daughter. I just sit in the darkness and cry.

Little worry #1: On Friday, I bought a roll of stamps. On Saturday, I couldn't find them. I immediately went into a frenzy. "How am I going to get my newsletter out? I can't afford another roll of stamps? What am I going to do? Don't you care God?" are just of few of my doubting thoughts.

Little worry #2: My friend, with whom I was speaking with in the car, just returned from a trip abroad and lost her car key the night she came home. She searched the ground everywhere, retracing her steps three time. Still, no key found.

This morning, as the dawn breaks and the shadows flee away...

I woke with a text message from my friend. "Key found, on my pillow"

I walked into the office, comfortably sitting on the corner of my desk was a roll of stamps.

These may seem small, but God uses them to restore our faith. What thankfulness I have to my Sovereign Lord. For He is good all the time, whether stamps found or missing, he cares for me.

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