Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Stories

More of the story:
“God had plans to meet Jordan* in a very special way this weekend. Looking back, I see that the healing started last year on a Monday night during the Bible time at one of our SAY Yes! meetings. Jordan shared with the group the pain she had experienced because of the absence of her mother in her life. My heart went out to her and I could feel her pain.

Before the closing banquet, I asked Jordan if she wanted to talk. She said, "Sure." I told her it was a good thing that I wanted to share with her. She was relieved. I didn't want her to think she was in trouble.
Sitting beside her on the couch, I told her that I remembered the time she shared about her mom. I told her that God wants to do a deeper healing in the area of that wound in her heart. I asked if she would mind if I prayed with her and she was open to it. As I prayed, I was amazed at the words of healing that came. I was so overwhelmed by God's love for her. She was crying and I knew God was working. I prayed that He would heal the deepest, darkest place in her heart, where it had ached SO BADLY in the past. I told her that never, at any time, was her mother's leaving and being absent from Jordan’s life in any way her fault. I wanted her to know that God wanted to free her from those thoughts. She thanked me several times as I spoke with her. I knew that she was clinging to every word. At the banquet during testimony time Jordan read a poem she had written at the retreat. She described the deep hurt she had about her mom and how she tried to deal with that. God confirmed through her poem that He was meeting her in a deep way and doing a healing work in her life.