Monday, April 18, 2011

gifts even when it's cold

Sweater pulled, grabbing arms for warmth.
Bangs flurry over rumpled forehead
There in the still,
I thank.

This week of dilemma and a dramatic change in the weather has brought a wave of grumpiness to my continence. When I’m grumpy I’d had better start thanking my good Lord. This task keeps pulling my soul into the now and scales fall from my eyes as I see what good the Lord has brought.

I begin, and the thanks pours-I see the cascade of gifts and breathe in the mist that floats up from them.

An interview
Being shown sin
Being shown grace
Talks with friends about similar ministry
5,000 Easter bags being given to kids
A testimony of life, not choosing abortion
A testimony of provision, no baby but plenty of girls to mentor
Teenagers excited about Hosea

Praying on the phone
Crying on the phone
Laughing on the phone
My city
Goofy dancing
Laying on the floor
Woman becoming missionaries
Worship, Spirit consuming fire
God providing the lamb
God provided the lamb!

The promise-he’s coming as Faithful and True.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do you hear the crickets?

Charles Swindoll recounts an interesting story. A native American was visiting New York City.Walking with a friend near the center of Manhattan, the Indian suddenly stopped his companion and whispered, “Wait, I hear a cricket.” His friend was disbelieving. A cricket? In downtown New York?
The cacophony of sounds from passing taxis, impatient honking, people shouting, brakes screeching, and subways roaring would make it virtually impossible to hear a cricket, even if one were present. But, the Indian was insistent. He stopped his friend and began to crisscross the street and sidewalks with his head cocked to one side, intently listening.
Then, in a large cement planter where a tree was growing, he finally found the cricket and held it up for his friend’s benefit. Amazed, his friend asked how he could have possibly heard that cricket. Reaching into his pocket, the Indian grasped
some coins, held them waist high, then dropped them on the sidewalk. Everyone within a block turned to look in their direction.
As Swindoll explains, “It all depends on what you’re listening for. We don’t
have enough crickets in our heads. We don’t listen for them. Perhaps you have spent all your life searching for a handful of change and you’ve missed the real sound of life.”