Monday, June 7, 2010

NY 101 - Fitness

Above is Grand Central Station

NY 101-Fitness:
(My first day)

The New Yorker’s breakfast is the delicious, well balanced meal. Starting afresh with a blended taste of cigarette and apple, green or red makes no difference.
Building muscle is essential to the New Yorkers physique. Every 5 feet you will find the “water hole” aka a coffee shop. Everyone walks with a fresh cup in hand, you must alternate between right and left hands to evenly distribute weight as you bulk up biceps. Between don’t walk signs, reps of 10, raising the cup to mouth is expected.
The true Fitness guru wears the appropriate fitness clothing. This may include: a business suit with hula hoop, eighties black balloon pants with 6 inch heals- or really anything eighties.
Lastly, for a true Pilates experience, commutes are maximized in New York. Directions: enter subway car, stand between doors-near hand rails, do not hold on to these rails, stand keeping your feet under your shoulders, anticipating the start of the train keep balanced. You will work your calves, shins, even the balls of your feet-hoping not to fall desperately into the lap of a bystander.

I plan to return to MN as fit as a New Yorker.

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  1. It was a privilege spending your first day in NYC with you my friend...job well done!!!