Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Walking into New York, you begin to see the flashes of bright lights, advertisements every 3 feet, cute skirts, shoes, and bags passing by you. “Oh, I want that.” “I want to look like her.” “I wish I had…” These thoughts flood your mind. Comparison. Dissatisfaction. Envy. Greed. A warped mind.
One of the project leaders mentioned that cities that are built out of sin continue to show evidence of the same sin decades later. New York City was built out of sin, people trying to avoid the “Protestant cities” and the taxes-they were greedy. Today, idols of greed, firmly planted, fill the city.
It’s hard to describe this-and I’m sure it comes across as being some “overly-spiritual-sensationalism” but I assure you-your mind feels attacked by greed.
We need to guard our minds. “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you” (Isa 26:3). The mind is a battlefield: prey to the cunning schemes of the enemy, but created to steadfastly think upon the Lord. God is our watchmen over the tower of our mind. He knows us completely and we cannot hide our hearts. Surrendering our thought lives to God is not just means to more consistent victory; it is the safeguard against finally being given over to a depraved mind.
I give you my thoughts Lord, make my mind steadfast. Remove the idols that have taken root in my heart. You are faithful to your Word. Build your kingdom in my heart, my mind.

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