Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On Monday, I began moving my belongings into my Urban Homeworks Home in South Minneapolis. Here, I will be living in community with four other girls, committed to investing into our neighbors for the year. How blessed to live with like-minded women!

Pulling into the back lot, I was greeted by 6 Somali boys under the age of 9. “Who are you?” shouted one as I opened my car door, followed by, “Do you like basketball?” I knew this would be a great home right away. I learned their names and they continued with questions of curiosity. I then opened my trunk and they began grabbing all of my boxes, filled with books I might add.

These sweet little boys carried all of my stuff up to my new room for me. They boasted about their strength, including the 4-year-old who kept loosing his pants as he carried a box.

Once done, I promised to move my car so they could play basketball with the hoop I was parked under. One of the mothers shouted to her child as we walked down from my apartment; as soon as she saw me, her face softened. I’m assuming she thought her boy had just walked in. I explained that he was “a very strong young man” and that he helped me move in. She rubbed his head and introduced herself. My heart was full at this point. This woman, Loki, in full Islamic head dress, welcomed me into the neighborhood. She lives just across my back lot.

God has loved Loki and these six boys very deeply since before their birth, how exciting to show them.

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