Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Time to Start

After the millionth person asked, "So, do you have a blog?" I decided that the bandwagon already left and if I were to start 'blogging' now it would be from my own decision-making. So, with reluctant joy, I'm blogging. But I refuse to 'tweet', 'chirp' or 'moo' or make any other ridiculous animal noises or use obnoxious acronyms that seek to destroy the English language.

My purposes behind this blog are simple, to let you know how God is moving in the Twin Cities!

I'm about to embark, beginning my internship with Here's Life Inner City, in T-Minus 28 days! That is, if I'm fully supported at that time. This is almost completely confirmed by faith. I was walking along Gooseberry Park in Moorhead a few weeks ago, tears were brimming in my eyes, that physical feeling of your heart dropping within your chest, and tingling of emotion surfacing, when I cried inside "Am I going to make it by September?"

God's soft whisper affirmed, "I have the 30%."

Scripture's truth rushed to mind in loud confidence. God will meet all of your needs. He has set a time for everything. With just His voice He created the mountains. He would not call you unless He would provide for you.

Friends, God does promise and He is faithful!

I'm currently at 74% of my monthly support raised and, amazingly, in just a week God raised my one time gift goal from 50% to 70%!

My thoughts have begun to move away from support raising and have taken camp with the peoples of the Twin Cities. I walked around Lake Calhoun the other day, looking into the eyes of the people I passed, searching for the Spirit of the Lord. Their iris' stopped short, lacked the depth of when deep calls out to deep. The poor, the brokenhearted, the captive, the prisoners: the men, women, and children of this place. This place long devastated.

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  1. Beautiful, Lauren! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and what God is saying to you, here on this blog. You express yourself so well. I love the way you described looking for Christ in people's eyes. I remember noticing something different about my Christian friend's eyes before I was a believer and knowing it had something to do with God!
    I'm looking forward to serving alongside you!
    ~Kim Mikesell