Monday, January 2, 2012

The Mountain of Fear, pt. 1

I set out on my bike, Ol’ Trusty, not caring to notice the training wheels Father had put on it for me. Clear vision, I set out on the path. Puffy white clouds and warm sun welcomed my journey. I felt strong and sure and believed what my Father said was true. I could do this!

The trail ascended and rocks scattered the path, making a bit of a challenge. I was new to this, untoned calves and immature thoughts gave me away. But I remembered what my Father said, in fact, I chanted it to myself as I made way up the hill. To my joy, the slope leveled and air seemed to come with ease to my breathing.

Within moments I met a stranger on the path, he sailed up the hill and cruised alongside me for a moment. The chrome on his bike sparkled, the design read: New Trusty. I couldn’t help but look down at my old bike, but quickly pretended I hadn’t. He asked my name, returned with his own, Wade. He joked with me about the hill, shared a friendly smile, and asked if I wanted to take a break.

We stopped.

We drank some cool water and ate sandwiches filled with turkey and avocado. Wade told of his adventures and dreams, he asked me mine. I shared openly, feeling comfortable. But it scared me when our dreams seemed written by the same author. I cast the thought off and laughed at his jokes. Cheeks tingling with multitudes of giggles, I had forgotten where we were at all.

Wade offered to take the head wind as we climbed back on the bikes, giving me a break to coast. The trail lead on and I coasted.

I kept coasting, feeling comfortable in this ease.

My head was slammed by the wind, hair flew up almost blinding me. My body shook, forgetting what I was supposed to do. I looked for Wade. Where did he go?

The trail had made a fork, Wade went left. With my hair out of my eyes, I saw him waving goodbye with a smile. I tried to smile.

Then the fear came. Why did Wade leave me? How can I do this trail on my own? I looked down and noticed for the first time that I had training wheels on Ol’ Trusty. Wade didn’t have training wheels. No one else I knew had training wheels. Why did I have training wheels? Does this mean I can’t really do it?

I shouldn’t have looked. But up ahead on the trail was the worst sight of all.

The Mountain of Fear.

It looked as if it was burning with fire and couldn’t be touched. It was covered with darkness, gloom and storm. The rocks that hugged its sides seemed to be covering their ears because they could not bear it. The sight was so terrifying that Moses said, “I am trembling with fear.” (Heb 12:18-21).

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  1. I like this. Something in which is relatable, shown in a different light