Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thought #1: Waiting, will Hope in God

Anytime I am given a few extra days off my brain goes into hyper thinking/processing mode. I've stored up all these experiences and deep thoughts and now I must go through them one by one.

Given two 6 hour long car rides and my brain is all excited and processing. I was thankful for a number of days off from school.

Thankful for the time to rest. To dwell in the House of the Lord. To feel his nearness again.

 Here's what I've heard:


I talked with a friend a few weeks ago about marriage and its beautiful reflection of the Lord. It's the covenant. Jesus and the church all in love and stuff. Each part of our lives offers that reflection though. Where in waiting is the Gospel?

What a strange thought, but yes, I see.
The waiting has been seen over and over. Since Adam and Even, through Abraham, past Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, they've waited for the Christ. He came. He promised to come back. We wait again. I feel that pain in waiting, as birth pains. We are living in an unreconciled world. I feel the hope in waiting, that what is promised is true.

And a promise is only beautiful from the waiting.

Fast food is ugly. You order it and it comes and you eat it and feel weird afterwards. But if you haven't eaten in days (or did the 30 hour famine in high school), you wait and sit down for a meal, smell the aroma, even get offered a beverage, and then the meal comes and it's SO good. Yeah waiting is beautiful, and tasty.

Last post I talked about a few prayers, buried in the Lord. My hope deeply set. I wait. Prayers still unanswered but I have the promise. I recently listened to a sermon surrounding the text of 1 Peter 3.
John Piper spoke about Women as if planted trees.  http://www.desiringgod.org/resource-library/sermons/the-beautiful-faith-of-fearless-submission
Since the Lord keeps illuminating this illustration, I'm going to keep following it.

A tree in the summer months grows its fruit, leaves soak in the sun and create sugar. As fall comes, the leaves fall not taking in the water from the roots any longer. They fall to the ground and the tree stores all its energy in its roots. It grows its root deep during this winter season. Every tree has an anchor root, the big mama!

This anchor root for a woman, as Piper described, is: Hope in God.
 And it is beautiful.

 From Hope in God, Women form great strength. They are able to persevere in the face of suffering. They are able to laugh at the days to come without worry. They lead their husbands and children by their beautiful hope in God.

  Back to winter, waiting 
Growing deep, bring energy down 
 Anchor into Him: hope

 What a blessing when the Lord brings purpose in the midst of a season. It's not always to be expected, but a blessing it has been to see this waiting as glorious. This waiting is my Hoping in God.

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