Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It’s exciting to announce that: I AM EMPLOYED BY CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST! As of yesterday, September 1st, I have started working! Thank you for all of your prayers and support in the last few months. You have been true instruments of the Lord, pointing me to the light of the truth when the journey seemed unattainable and uncertain.

My first order of business on the “dream job” was to take 15 inner city kids up to a fishing camp in Northern Minnesota. Who wouldn’t want to start off this way? Part of Here’s Life Inner City are after school programs, called S.A.Y. Yes! Centers (Save Americas Youth). These programs focus on building relationships with at-risk children and offering a solid foundation on which they can build a hopeful future. Through the local church, each child is ministered spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially.

What a joy it was to watch these inner city kids experience so many new things nestled in the beautiful Northern woods! The first night the girls had permanent wrinkled foreheads as they reasoned why mosquitoes are Minnesota’s state bird. It was hilarious to see them slapping their legs and huffing. By the morning they had adjusted, just in time to learn to put bait on the line, cast, and catch their first fish! For many of these kids, they had not been out of the city; never made S’mores; never seen the Milky Way.

Dylite, pictured in the red shirt, had an even more exciting first experience. One morning, she and I were fishing on the dock, light tickled the waves and a peace rested on us. This obvious presence of God ignited a spiritual discussion on Jesus. She asked to hear the story of Christ. Her eyes were fixed as I explained God’s decision to come to earth; His decision to stay upon the cross; His decision to destroy the strength of death. Dylite made the decision to love the Lord in return. What joy!

Upon returning from this trip, my spirit struggled with an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy. I heard so many stories of life for these kids and their breaking circumstances. I was burdened with compassion, but felt I had no words of comfort, no idea how to “fix it.” I know this is the tip of the ice berg in realizing that I cannot fix it. My role is not to come into their lives and change everything to how I see fit. I am certain that I will discover more on this topic, now I’m humbly admit I know nothing. God has tenderly placed me on my knees, utterly dependent. I pray I’ll remain.

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